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Windy Woods Designs

Tattoo Tip Jar

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We allow tattoos of our work, any design is applicable and available. However, we ask for a donation and the following:

1. We ask that you/ your tattoo artist/ the tattoo shop credit us for the design on any social media posts.

2. The you/ the tattoo artist/ the tattoo shop you worked with cannot replicate this design on other patrons, or claim ownership of the design.

3. The cost is $10

A JPG of the design can be emailed to you on request.

Purchasing this does not give you commercial rights to any design.

Thank you for supporting our art! <3 We are so happy that you love our work enough to have it as a tattoo.


We ship via USPS first class in eco friendly shipping. Handling time is 1-3 days. First class shipping usually takes 2-5 days.