Accessibility Shopping Page

Event - Columbus Pride 2024

Hi there!

Last year at Columbus Pride we noticed the spot we were given was a considerable drop off from the sidewalk. This made those using mobility aids unable to browse our booth. Pride events in general need to work on their accessibility options. In a perfect world we could choose a booth spot with level ground. Unfortunately we don't get too choose our spots for the events usually. We want everyone who visits Windy Woods to have a nice time and not feel left out. Accessibility is a work in progress but for today we wanted to offer something small to help.

 This page has photographs of our items at our booth as they are at the event. We can't promise each thing will be in stock by time you arrive at this page but here you can browse without worrying about getting stuck in mud or falling due to the sidewalk drop.

How to order:

If you find you would like to purchase something, please email us at with the subject Curbside Order, your chosen first name, and the items you're interested in. In the email please also include a descriptor to find you, Example: "I'm wearing a blue t-shirt and near the curbside sign." This is just in case the crowds are very busy and it will make finding you in a crowd much easier. Once the order is placed wait near the QR code sign you scanned.

We're happy to come to you to complete a transaction at the sidewalk/edge of the tent. Cash, Card, and Tap to Pay are available. Responses can take up to 10 minutes depending on traffic but rest assured we are working to get to you as quickly as possible. 

(This is a not a home delivery option, this is event specific.)

Columbus Pride 2024 Product Photos